Who the F*ck is Kamikaze Chris?

kamikaze el camino

Growing up in Oklahoma City, OK, for over 30 years if it had wheels, Kamikaze Chris drove it. At just three years of age, he climbed onto a motorcycle and he hasn’t stopped since. While other kids were still running around the playgrounds, Kamikaze was working various jobs to pay for his motorcycle, racing twice a week against guys nearly twice his age. With a passion for speed and a drive to win, Chris spent his childhood and teen years working on motorcycles and cars, striving to make each one faster. His father, an accomplished drag boat racer himself, instilled a strong work ethic in Kamikaze with one motto – you break it, you fix it.

Earning the nickname Kamikaze Chris for his daredevil attitude, he used that lack of fear to his advantage. While he couldn’t always afford the most expensive equipment, he learned how to push his cars to points other drivers were too afraid to, and was smart enough to know just how far he could take his equipment. For Kamikaze Chris, racing wasn’t about time slips or points, but about its true essence – doing what it took to beat the guy next to him, every single time. And that belief is what continues to drive Kamikaze Chris today.

Breaking into the public limelight with the Discovery Channel television show, Street Outlaws, Kamikaze Chris became the proud owner of what might be one of the most famous El Caminos in the country. With the sudden passing of a childhood friend, he took on ownership of The Elco, a pieced together Chevrolet El Camino. Over the last three years, Kamikaze Chris has transformed the 1981 big block nitrous powered Elco from a collection of used parts to a true race car – adding parachutes and wheelie bars, big tires and electronic control systems, all by his own hand in his garage workshop. The Elco is known to be a handful, suffering from the “G-Body Shuffle”, just one of the reasons Kamikaze Chris likes it.